My Strange Hen That Is Not Laying Any Eggs...


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6 Years
Mar 25, 2013
Three weeks ago I bought a hen, the owner said she was two years old and that she was staying on the roost all day and only coming down at night. I assumed she was just afraid of some other birds in the flock. Well, I have had the hen three weeks and she has been doing the same kind of behaviour. I finally had to cover ALL things that she could roost on because she would just sit up away from the other chickens all day. She seems fine now, gets along with the other birds, but does go off by herself sometimes to stand in the corner away from the other hens and roosters.

Anyways, she has not laid an egg in the three weeks she has been here. I know that moving can upset them but after I bought her the owner let it slip that she has no idea if this hen even lays eggs... !

I know all I can do is wait, but has anyone else had an experience with a hen like this? I don't have a lot of room in my coop so I don't want to keep a hen that is going to not lay any eggs. I am going to give her a few more weeks but I am starting to get worried. She doesnt seem egg bound or anything, could it be a health issue?
Some three year old hens are pretty much at the end of laying and might slow down to once or twice a week others will lay regularly for up to five years.

Staying on the roost would worry me too, give her a few weeks, maybe she will start to lay now that she is off of it.

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