My sweet hen is barely walking! Help!!

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    Apr 23, 2018

    My sweet hen has been acting super sluggish the last few weeks. I did some research on the forum and people said that it could be a vitamin deficiency. She would stand but when she walked she was super clumsy! So we pulled her from the rest of the group and have kept her in a separate container and been feeding her and giving her water with poly-vi-sol. Today when we took her out, I noticed she wasn't moving her legs as much. HELP! I don't want my sweet girl to be suffering!! I know Mareck’s could be it and there’s nothing you can do but I’m really hoping thats not it! I've added a video, any ideas what it could be?? I love my sweet baby!
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    How old is your sweet Buff girl?
    What do you feed her?
    Does her poop look normal?

    It could be Marek's, it's so hard to know. I would give her 1/2 tablet of human B-Complex for a week to see if that makes a difference.
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    I agree with trying some vitamins with B complex or riboflavin, just in case she has a deficiency. Unfortunately it seems like Mareks right now, but I would give her supportive care with feeding and watering to see if she gets better. If you contact your state vet to get a necropsy if she dies, to get tested for Mareks. The body should be refrigerated, but not frozen, and wrapped in plastic bags. You should find your state poultry vet in this link:
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    Apr 23, 2018
    We’ve been giving her layer pellets, scratch grain and food scraps - different vegetables and fruit. She’s about a year old and I believe her poop looks normal but I don’t know that I know what normal is.
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    Some will be dark with white streaking, firm lumps and others will be wetter versions of the same.

    Maybe do a chicken sling? Take a storage tote or sturdy box and using wood clamps or office clips drape and clip some fabric over the tote, allow some slouch in the middle. Cut out holes for legs and bum and set her in it. It allows her to remain upright while forcing her to rest.

    I'm so sorry!!! I hope it's just a vitamin issue and she recovers but if not, definitely send her out for a necropsy! :hugs

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