My take on the Wichita Cabin Coop


5 Years
Mar 9, 2014
Here are a couple picts of where I am today. Still have a lot to do but the chicks are still Incubating so I have a little bit of time.

The coop is 10' wide x 6' deep x 8' tall.

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Chicks due date is the 18th of April. We are hoping at least one hatches on the 17th which is our daughter's 2nd birthday. Great time in the household as we will have chicks on Easter.
Will you be free ranging them, because that run looks very small. Otherwise it looks like a really good, solid, well built coop.
Yes, the will have a whole backyard to play in, supervised of course. We will only have 3-5 chickens.

The wife wanted led rope lights around the eve as this is a focal point in our urban backyard.
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Evening shot. The coop is 10' x 6' x 8' tall at the door.

Love our 8 lovely ladies who are already producing wonderful eggs.

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