My three and a half month Orpington hen is finding walking difficult....

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    Jun 12, 2016
    Hi, I am hoping someone might be able to,help me.
    I have a young Orpington I think has outgrown herself . She can walk, but rests and feeds sitting down. She is extremely tall! I am not sure how large hens go, but this one stands at 21" , at a stretch, around 23". I checked her feet, they were quite swollen and puffy without evidence of any marks punctures etc. Both feet. I put her onto a course of antibiotics . The swelling has gone down ... And she seems happier , but still walks short distances in a robotic manner. She eats everything, drinks well. Trys still to maintain pecking order. Can it be vitamin deficiency as I have her on vitamins also . Extra calcium with a bit of yoghurt. Nothing appears to be obviously hurting her. I can scratch head , neck , back .. All over without too much discomfort . In true Orp style she nods off .
    I am worried about her and wish she would pick herself up. Do they get arthritis, joint malfunction?
    I dont have a vet close by to have her checked... So I am hoping someone has experienced same with their solution.

    Thanks so much for reading this lengthy first message !!! X
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    Welcome to BYC. A few diseases such as mycoplasma synovitis (MS) and gout can cause swelling of the feet. Is there any way that you could get her tested for MS by your vet or local extension agent? MS may respond to Tylan or Oxytetracycline, but others in the flock may get it or become carriers. Gout has many causes including too much calcium in the diet. Look for swelling of the hock or knee joints.
  3. Cluck-a-lot

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    Jun 12, 2016
    Hello, many thank yous for your prompt reply. I have just been out and checked her joints and there is no evidence of swelling , just boney. She has not got much flesh covering her breast , a bit boney but she weighs a lot.

    I will take her off the yoghurt if you think this is best. I give her a dessert spoon full with pawpaw and the vitamins. No extra calcium other than the plain yogurt .
    What would you suggest in case it is gout ? Her diet is incredibly rich with bugs beetles ghekos , even millipedes which she adores. And she eats grass like a horse.
    We are in the tropics so she does get banana also and coconut . This is all probably too rich?

    She flys out of her coop, but that's mostly wing action not legs. She used to prop herself on her wing on occasion, but doesn't do that anymore and she is steadier, not rocking backwards trying to get balance on her back toe which seemed way too high for anything. Now I think with her pads normal the back toe is functioning better as she is straight and can balance on one leg to scratch herself.

    Her wattle did have a black patch during the very hot week we had recently , but now that has cleared too.

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