My turkey coop progress thread


6 Years
May 24, 2013
I started this thread because I wanted to share my turkey coop design. Now I have to mention my chicken coop myself and a friend built it last year. For anyone that haven't seen the thread here are a few pics.....



This year we decided to try our hand at raising bourbon red turkeys for thanksgiving, my wife said ya know you've already set a high standard with the chicken coop, the turkey coop had to be just as nice.....

This is the drawing I came up with



Our winter was so bad this year we had to start building the coop in sections in the garage....


Rough look at the run...


Now that the snow melted we were able to frame it up this weekend


I roughly set the frame for the run in place to get an idea how the two halves should fit together


This is the two coops together


Both sections are 8x8

I will continue to update this thread with progress as I go, if any one has any ideas about roost design inside the coop feel free to share.

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Today the walls went up on the coop, I am using barn board sheets from lowes. Both windows are installed and all the openings are roughed in



The door I got for free from our town dump, someone stained it and then it didn't fit! So they just threw it out. It's just set in place now to check for fit


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My heritage birds almost never go in the coop.
After a couple days of hard rain they might step in to dry off but mostly just stand under the roof eves.
The coop is mostly used for raising the poults to age and once they go out they don't want to come back in.

I am also making another run area for them so I can create more grazing to lower feed costs.
It has to be totally inclosed here because of the amount of predators here.
I will post a pick for you in a few days.

good luck on your build.

Got the door and latch installed


Also hung the run access door


The openings are rough because I used a saws all, they will trimmed out and finished

Next was some color


I need the wall painted so I could attach the run. Got some cinder blocks to make the bass lever with the coop. We have miles of stone walls on the property, I'm going to complete surround the nave of the entire building in stones


Some of the chickens came to check things out


Once the run was level and attached I put the roof system on


I'm going to try to finish painting tomorrow, there's a chance of rain today and don't want to risk it.....

More to follow

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Roof is now ready for metal


Trim is painted and mostly installed


Also all of the caging is in place I used electricians nail in staples to attach it to the run


I went tonight and ordered the metal roof should be here next week


Everything is looking great, my next update may be a finished coop!

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Can you tell me what paint/color you used for the turkey coop?i like it a lot
What is your total cost for your coop and run?
Can you tell me what paint/color you used for the turkey coop?i like it a lot
What is your total cost for your coop and run?

Thanks for the comments......

I will look at the color and get back to you on that.

Total cost 1083.45

That's everything..... Even the linoleum for the floor, we have it in the chicken coop as well makes clean up a breeze.

I've done all the work myself so no labor cost other than sweat equity. The metal for the roof is taking alittle more time to get here than I would like it will be here in 4 days.

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