My turkey flew the coop!!!!!!!


10 Years
Dec 17, 2009
Rocky Point, NC
Today my farrier came to do my horses feet. Of course Buddy, my tom was blocking him from driving to the barn. I got him out of the way and all was good. So I thought. The farriers dog jumped out of the truck and scared the living crap out of Buddy. Really, Buddy didn't run he flew!!!!!! He flew right into the horse pen. I figured he would be ok. He's always in the pen. I told the farrier that Buddy had been attacked by a fox and would't you know, Boots (the dog) looks like a fox...... lol.

The farrier left so I went into the pen to check on Buddy. He was no where to be found. So, I went for a walk where I thought he might be. In the woods across the street. (I live on a dead end and a dirt road. This is NC where they don't like to pave side roads) I call him and I call him and sure enough he's walking paralell with me in the woods. Problem is he starts walking really fast and away from me. So, I try to cut him off and I can't find him anymore. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why he took off like that. I turned around and there was MY dog. Well, Darn it! That's why. All I could do is hope he would come home.

It's been at over an hour so I went to look for Buddy. I even took some hot dog rolls with me. I looked and looked and called and no Buddy. Now I'm getting nervous. He isn't in the trees...... no where I could see. I go back home and hope again. I figured I'd have lunch and talk to my daughter and her friends. During lunch I get a call from my neighbor in front of me. I asked him right off the bat before he could even say anything other then "Hi" if he had seen my turkey. Well, he sure did. Buddy was in his front yard. I'm like GREAT. Then my neighbor tells me Buddy is by his pond looking at himself in the mirror. I kid you not. So, I figured I would finish lunch and then come over. Buddy was still checking himself out. It was the funniest thing. He would slowly move and practically peak at himself. He had done this for more then a 1/2 hour. No telling how long he was really there. I had no problem picking him up because he was so fascinated with himself.

I believe I will have to get a mirror just for sheets and giggles. I wonder how all the other birds would react to a mirror. Since most of them are girls you think I would have to get more then one? Buddy seems like he would want his own.

What a day Buddy had.
I think Buddy made some friends and had several of them come over that night. When I went out to feed the next morning I saw 3 turkeys fly off. At first I thought it was my 3 but when I looked mine were all there. Their was also a tom up high in the trees that flew off. He must have been the look out. I didn't see them this morning.

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