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Oct 5, 2009
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i'm just curious if anyone can posativley id these breeds...

this is ironman.... i'm assuming he's a he... and i have another of the same breed that's a girl.. you'll see her in another pic... i got these in a batch or assorted banties from the local feed store....

the other one i'm curious about is the regular size chicken in this pic.. (all of a sudden i started singing that sesame street song... one of these things is not like the other.. one of these things just doesn't belong... ) rofl...


i know nothing about her other than she was found in a pet carrier box literally in the middle of the road...i quarantined her, and attemtepted to introduce her to my regular chickens.. they didn't like her.. but she loves the banties and they love her... i think when we got her she was close enough to their cage to see them and they were only a few weeks old.. i think she thought they were her babies.... she hasn't laid eggs yet... i've had her for about 2.. 2.5 months.... and she was full size when i got her.. she's similar in body and weight to my white leghorn...

That is a nice looking guy. My guess on the girl on the right is a red sex link. I'm a newbie but she looks like one of my little girls although I'd think she is around maybe 18 weeks old. good luck
The first one I'd say Mille Leflur roo. the second looks like a New Hampshire roo just a little slow maturing maybe? I'll give anything a whirl once, well almost anything.
first photo is a bantam mille fleur d'uccle

the second photo looks to have:
bantam brown cochin
bantam mille fleur d'uccle pullet
bantam black frizzle (possibly cochin)
bantam black cochin

ETA: im not sure about the standard one, but it does look to be a pullet (how old is it?)
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The first boy I'd think would be a millie fluer D'Uccle.
The other looks like a black D'Uccle?
And your rescue... Buff orp/buff orp cross? Skin looks white - is it?

I'm sure you'll get more replies from people more knowledgeable than me though!
you guys really think the full size one is a roo????
s/he i'm guessing is the same age as my EE's and leghorn, and my roo from the copp has been crowing since before i even got her.... and now that i think about it, i've had her for 3 months... the bantied were bought in june and i got her when they were about 2 weeks old.. so early july... 2.5-3 months.... i guess in the end it doesn't matter... i hope she's not a he.. cause then i don't want him in with the banties... right?? i was told it was dangerous to have a full size rooster around the banties?
I think the big one is New Hampshire Red pullet, or production red. If it's that big it would probably be crowing by now if it was a roo.
All of my reds & orp crosses crowed much earlier than other breeds like standard cochins.

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