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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by paganfish, Oct 5, 2007.

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    I have a couple of bantams sitting on a clutch of eggs. (The same clutch!) We usually get real cold weathers here in Colorado mid October so, my question is. When the chicks hatch (I hope they do!), should I bring them inside? Would separating them from mom/s hurt them? Stress out the mom/s unduly? I think if I leave them out there with mom/s in the coop and it gets cold too soon...they might not survive! Am I being too cautious? What do I do?

    A year ago, this Spring, I had my first brood of chickens inside (ordered them in the middle of March) and they did fine in the furnace room. Should I do that with this clutch? I also thought of brining in ONE of the mom/s but...she would be confined and maybe stressed out too. Is that a good idea? Would this harm more than help the situation? HELP!

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    I read that your chicks hatched. What did you decide to do with them and their mamas ?

    If the moms and babies have a place to get out of drafts in the coop, the mamas will keep them warm. Just make sure the babies aren't able to wander off outside without mom.

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