My two broodies are no longer getting along.


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Jul 31, 2013
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My Coop
I have two broodies both bantam orpingtons (Ginger and Mabel) who have 12 chicks at just over 3 weeks. All the chicks are doing very well.

My problem is that Ginger has spent most of the summer being broody (about a month longer than Mabel) and up to the last week has been a very good mother hen, but has now pretty much let Mabel take the reigns as it were.
Mabel is pleased about this and wants the chicks to herself and indeed the chicks all sit under Mabel and run to her etc.

Yesterday I noticed that Ginger was loosing a few feathers on her back and this morning I saw Mabel pulling them out and chasing her around the broody pen.
I have taken Ginger out as her back was a little sore and she feels pretty light and let her range with my 2 sablepoots. (The broody pen is within a really big pen and my sablepoots are used to seeing Ginger, Mabel and the babies)

Ginger seems ok with this arrangement and was eating and didn't seem stressed or wanting to get back to the chicks and Mabel seemed relaxed with the chicks.

Do you think I,ve done the right thing ?

Many thanks
Shabana x
You have done the proper thing. Ginger, because of her overlong broody period, needs to take a break and replenish her body's resources. Let Mabel take care of the kids. Good move onyour part!
Good to hear - thanks! This is my first time raising chicks and so I'm cautious and worried in case I mess up :)

I took them an afternoon snack an hour ago (cooked rice, oats honey and tomato and a a little bit of cat food) and initially Ginger did the 'buck- buck' noise she would make to call the chicks over but when she realised that they were having theirs already in their run, she settled down and scoffed it :)
I have some poultry minerals and seaweed extracts kinda stuff which I will pop in her food tonight when I refill it which should give her a boost and I,m hoping after a few nights in the sablepoots coop she will start to feel herself again.

My plan is to put them all together when the chicks are big enough to hold their own and we are having a bigger coop made to house them all. At the moment I cant tell which are roos but should be able to accommodate extras within my other flocks.

Could I ask at what age this is best done ? The chicks are silkies and bantam breeds, Mabel and Ginger are bantam Orpingtons and their are 2 sablepoots - Flipflop and Slipper. Slipper is a roo but incredibly well behaved and has been around the broodies and the broody coop and run since before the chicks were born.

Many thanks
shabana x

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