Solved My Username Is Not Taggable



Jan 6, 2018
Centre, AL
I don’t know why but my username is not taggable by other users. There are several instances and discussions about it. I don’t think I’m missing a whole lot, but I don’t want to miss anything. Everyone has something important to say.

When someone tries to tag me only a portion of my username comes up which in turn is tagging another user instead of me. They probably aren’t very happy about that. Also, I’m not sure why, but I am able to correctly tag myself, not that that’s very helpful. Anyway, I would appreciate this little glitch being looked into. Thank you in advance.

Below are several posts that mention or show a user trying to tag me. There are several other instances showing where my username is typed in, but only the first part of it is highlighted. I’ve only listed one of those instances below.

So how do I do this?

So how do I do this?

Is free range safe?
I think it's because you have an apostrophe in your user id. If I enter it manually it works.
@Mimi's 13
Well I’ll be dog!
That makes perfect sense because I entered it manually not even thinking about the pop up being the problem. Thank you. I guess I’ll be satisfied with not getting all the tags. However, the other user might not be so happy. :confused:

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