My Version of the Witchata Coop build.


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Aug 1, 2013

Here is what I started with, had a buddy with a skid loader haul in some sand and half way level out the spot.

I dug a trench and buried 12 x 12 inch pavers on there side, to try to keep anything from digging under.


Then I added pavers on top as a base to build the coop on.

Started framing, run is 6 x 10 and the coop is 4 x 6.

I got the floor built tonight, added some linoleum to the floor, and started on the walls of the coop.
I am using 1 x 6 boards for the walls of the coop, I got them cheap and my wife likes the look. I would like to just put them together and nail them up, but I am getting some small gaps between some, around a 1/8 of an inch or less I am wondering if this will be ok in northern Minnesota, will it just help with ventilation? Or should I try to seal them with some caulking? Or any Ideas that wont take a ton of extra work? They don't really show up in the picture.

I'm planning to build that coop too and I enjoy seeing your pictures. I'm also in MN and I think I would seal those gaps to prevent drafts through the sides in the winter.
Very nice.

Bought some caulk and put it between each board before I nailed them down, so that should seal up the walls pretty good. Framed where the nest box will go and a window above it. And got most of the hardware cloth up. We let our 3 week old chicks check out he run, they were having a blast!
It seems to be going well! I plan to start mine this weekend. Please keep posting... I know I'm going to need all the help I can get.

Are you building your own windows?

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