My Welsummer is still laying


8 Years
Aug 13, 2011
West Georgia
Four of my 5 hens, a Wheaten Maran, an OE, and 2 EEs, have stopped laying with a molt and colder weather here in GA, but my Welsummer is still laying every other day. I read from the standard that the Welsummer hens lay @160 a I guess that's right but I'm surprised that she is still the producer. Anyone?
I also live in GA - Ellijay in the mountains - and my Wellies are still laying as are my Australorps and my Barred Rocks. The EE's stopped though with the shorter days. I like to let them go
'natural' over the winter so don't add light to their coop but I do keep breeds known for continuing
though slowed down winter laying.

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