my whatchagot swaps sent and recieved

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    ok, it is getting to confuseing with so many trades on these swaps so i think there should be a post for us to keep track better. feel free to add urs under neath me and edit as u send and recieve. lol, mine is a long one. [​IMG]

    *silkie's list* as of pg # 113

    BDR- 4+ iris bulbs - have it
    frozen feathers- orange daylilies- have it
    mountainman- candle tarts- have it
    ksacres- strawberry print fabric- got it
    grindlefamily- 3 hanging chicken towels-makeing
    k7 menagerie- neckalace- have it
    BDR- rooster cookie jar-
    Guitarists- 4 ceramic elves- have it

    BDR- 10+ poet's daffodils- sent
    bugladyleah- 10+ assrt daffodils- sent
    tatstanifer- homemade candle, spiderplant babies,lily of
    the valley plants- makeing
    corancher- 4 different iris bulbs,and surprise plants- sent
    joann's cottage- 6+ partridge showgirl eggs- sent
    BDR- 6 different plants- sent
    tatstanifer- 6 splash pen-sg/silkie/sizzle eggs-
    BDR- 6 different plants- sent
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