My white leghorn not laying

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    I have a white leghorn that is 8 or 9 months old. I got her when she was a few months old - no comb or facial features - she looked like a pidgeon. Anyway she is fully mature now and carries on like my other 2 hens before they lay eggs. She will sit on the nest for an hour or more, but has never laid an egg yet. This behavior has been going on about 6 weeks. Could there be a physical problem like some blockage or is this considered normal when they first begin to lay? My other 2 were already laying eggs when I got them. Her behavior is normal in other ways - eating - not molting - getting along with the other chickens. Look forward to any answers to her condition. Thank you.
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    She is probably just a late bloomer - the nest testing is a sign that she is getting ready. Next time you have a chance, run your hand down her back and before the tail, give alight squeeze. If she is preparing she will squat. My RIR did that for about 2 weeks before laying her small perfect egg.
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    My friends leghorn that I gave her hatched in April and just laid an egg a day or so ago. She said she did the same thing as yours did.

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