My White Rock just died in my arms...what was it?

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    Apr 2, 2015
    My partner and I have 12 (now 11) assorted hens in a flock. I came home from out of town yesterday. Charlene (the late White Rock) had created a "nest" in the run with straw. She did not pour out of the run like the rest of the girls to run in the yard. She usually avoids me...but allowed me to pick her up. I noticed her wings had dropped a bit...but she walked to the coop and flew in. Instead of roosting( it was getting dark) she sat down on the floor in the coop. I went out a little while later and we picked her up and placed her in a box for the night. She was breathing heavy and was slightly laying on one side. I could feel her breastbone. There was nothing in her craw. We inspected her butt and her poop was very white and liquid. During the night we noticed one more poop and it was the same. We got up at daylight to check on her. She was in a similar position this morning and breathing heavy. We attempted to give her grapes and water with a medicine syringe. I checked her "butt" status and cleaned her a bit. When I was holding her she raised her head and began to convulse. I put her in the box and she continued to convulse, rolled on her back and died. We will take her to our state animal health diagnostic lab...but am curious to know what happened in the meantime. Would appreciate any suggestions the group may have.

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