My White Rock Rooster Is Having Trouble Pooping


15 Years
Jul 3, 2008
he will be 2 years old in june. i have noticed the last few days that he is straining to poop. he makes little squeal noises when he tries to poop. he wont let me get near him . looks like he has poop stuck to his butt.

this is the big boy.


also a little olive oil might help with out giving him the runs. you might be able to offer him some in some yogurt which would help him poop too.
yeah, I wonder if he could literally be clogged up from the outside and maybe a good soak might be in order? I know chicks can get pasty butt but can adult chickens get something simular? It probably won't be the most fun you've ever had trying to soak him but most hens don't mind a good soak and if you had him inside anyway you could dry him off real good after to keep him from chilling.
i went down and checked him when he went to roost. i cleaned what poop i could. there seems to be a little thats crusty and he also has a little bleeding going on. i did cut some feathers away from the vent area.
He sure is a handsome dude.. but the blood makes me worry, do you think one of his girls has pecked him back there? I know they will peck each other.
^ yeah I'm hoping it's only because the pasty poop tugged at his feathers and skin and caused bleeding. I had a white rock roo baby that had pasty butt. I took care of it when he was a baby and he was fine. After a couple of years (at his new home) he got it again an had a problem with maggots - you gotta check those pasty butt babies......they could be prone to it later on........and if you're not watching every single chicken - especially with a large flock, you might not see the pasty butt thing going on.

Hope the roo is OK. He looks a lot like my Charly.
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looks like it was crusty poop stuck to his butt. i cleaned him all up this morning soaked his bum in warm water loosened it upp and cleaned it off. he wasnt bleeding this morning either. i dried him with a towel and he went off to eat with the others. boy he did not want me to catch him either. but i finnally did after a few tries. lol.

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