My WLR Cornish hatching miracle

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    Feb 8, 2011
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    I purchased a dozen WLR Cornish (Standard) eggs from a BTC forum member a little over 3 weeks ago..
    (I received 14)..
    Starting last night, I had 10 hatch out of the 14.[​IMG].. 2 were clear and 2, I don't know, Nice air pocket drawdown, but no real movement. I left them in today. Hopefully, there will be 2 more chicks in the incubator when I get home.. so far, I have 1 very light reddish, 2 medium light, 1 light with chipmunk stripes.. 2 red with chipmunk stripes and 4 dark striped ones.. I am praising the sturdiness of their bloodlines because last Wed. we had a power issue.. While my DH and I slept. The power was out the entire night(unbeknownst to us.. it was a cool night.. no need for A/C).. When I got up the next morning, I noticed the light wasn't on. When I touched the incubator it wasn't warm. It was cool!.. I checked the thermometer. It was 77.2 degrees..How long had it been that cool? My heart sank..I wasn't too worried, because this winter my silkies were 3 days from hatching outside naturally.. The hen abandoned the nest long enough that when I went in the check the eggs, they were COLD.. Outside temp was in the 50's.. I'd lost my beloved white IndigoEgg Roo the week before and wasn't about to lose any of his kids... I gathered up all the eggs,.. said a prayer [​IMG] and put them in the old incubator.. 9 out of 12 hatched!!! [​IMG]
    So, I swallowed hard, reset the incubator and a week later, I had this kind of hatch!..[​IMG] I have a tray of 42 Bobwhite eggs in there due to hatch on Saturday.. I hope they are just as sturdy!!!
    To think, they'd had a slow start to begin with because of Fed Ex. They wouldn't deliver eggs on Saturday.. They said they were livestock and sent them back to Jody! So, they came three days later than they were supposed to. lol

    I am hoping that these will be the start of my own experiment crossing Standard Cornish with White Orpingtons and Rocks and see if I can breed some roos that will wait for when I am ready to process.. Not all at once


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    Jul 14, 2011
    did the other 2 hatch?

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