Mycoplasma and Denagard Questions

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    I posted last week about a rooster with foamy eyes, and I came to the conclusion that he has some form of Mycoplasma. This is my guess anyway. I had him on Tylan 10 for three days while waiting to get some Denagard in. I have been treating him for three days now with the Denagard, and he still has the bubbly eyes but no other symptoms. He crows, eats, drinks, and poops. Honestly, I don't know what he has and none of our other poultry are showing any symptoms of being ill. I plan on culling him along with the other 11 rooster so I am not so worried about his full recovery, sorry folks. However, I am concerned about the other chickens, ducks and geese that we are not culling, as well as my parrots. It is my understanding that any form of Mycoplasma it highly contagious. Obviously, if my parrots become ill they will need to be seen by a vet, and I am praying that won't happen. We have been very cautious about bio-security but even in my best efforts something could happen, and I don't want that. They are not exactly nice, and it is easier to pick up and treat our poultry than it is my parrots. Anyway, If our geese and ducks start showing signs of illness can Denagard be given to them? Does anyone know the dose they would use? Does this stuff really work for Mycoplasma? If the rooster did have Mycoplasma wouldn't he be getting better by now? Why would he be the only one sick? He is from a flock of Partridge Chanteclers that I got in April. This flock is the youngest out of all the poultry I have. Thoughts?

    Edited to say: FYI, I found this thread, and the pictures this member posted are exactly what my rooster has.
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    You may be interested in this thread regarding Mycoplasma. It is highly contageous, can not be cured, and will lead to permanant infection in your flock. It would be well worth your time to do a throat swab and test your birds if you think it is Mycoplama.
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    Here's a link concerning denagard:
    Sick birds wont drink, if they do, it's not enough to be effective. The treatment dosage for denagard is 16cc's per gallon of water for 3-5 days. Then there's a monthly preventative dose of 8cc's per gallon of water for 3-5 days. You might have to use an eyedropperful of the mixture to give to your sick rooster 6-8 times a day. Even then, only bloodwork or necrospy could determine what disease you could possibly be dealing with. I saw the pics from the other thread. It could possibly be mycoplasma gallisepticum, infectious bronchitis or perhaps infectious coryza.
    Keep in mind that these diseases vary in strains and symptoms, mild to wild.
    In any case, respiratory diseases are contageous as mentioned by 1muttsfan, culling would be your best option and continue to practice strict biosecurity.

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