Mycoplasma? :(


May 23, 2022
Central Maine
So I don't know what's going on with my rooster. Maybe a bug bite? Idk I did check his skin/feathers for lice or mites and saw nothing. His right eye seems swollen but no bubbles or issues with breathing. Idk where he could have got it 😔 I am hoping it is not mycoplasma.. further question, If it is mycoplasma, are the eggs still good to eat? What about the meat? My babies are only going on 8 weeks so not old enough for either. I just got 6 more, about 2 weeks old now, from TSC. All my flock is from TSC. Not sure where they get their chickens from. I am so scared I will lose my flock or some of them 😭this just came on suddenly the day before yesterday. These 7 have all grown up together since I got them in april


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I doubt it's MG. You would be seeing the symptoms you mentioned in addition to other unmistakable symptoms. Your other birds would be showing symptoms as well.

It's possible there might be debris in his eye causing irritation and swelling. Liberally flush his eye with saline solution, gently pat dry and apply Terramycin eye ointment in his eye, just a small dab is all that is needed. You can use Neosporin ointment as needed if the Terramycin is unavailable. If it's a bacterial eye infection, either ointment will treat it.
It's also possible he got pecked in the eye by another bird. The same treatment applies as above.

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Ok ty! Will def try and see if that helps! He is eating and running around like normal.. drinking like normal and even trying out his big boy voice finally lol he is a little bossy over the girls already but I also have a couple females that give it right back tho I haven't seen any pecking yet.. doesn't mean it doesn't happen when I am working... I will keep you updated 💓
Ok and I have seen them digging at their heads a bit.. got the dust bath going with some DE so if it's anything critterwise they should be eliminated lol
Unless you added birds from a difference source i doubt its mg. Though it can be brought home from stores because of dust etc u less you change after shopping if it was mg eggs are safe to eat just not hatch same with meat

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