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    Well I found out today from a state inspector that my hen who has the respiratory thing going on has Mycoplasmosis. I bought some birds a month ago from the auction and one brought it home. Even though they were in a coop about 50 feet away in quarantine, the illness still spread. The inspector said it has been going around all in my area. I'm supposed to go to the feed store tomorrow and get an injectable antibiotic that is supposed to clear it up. So anyway, looks like my hen might recover once she gets the med. Yay! The inspector said there has been a good recovery rate once the get the shot. Anyway, I'm supposed to give them Tylan 50. I've read to give them 1/2 cc sub q, and 1/2 cc in the breast for 7-10 days. Does anyone know if that is once daily? What gauge needle should I use for the breast?
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    I also had the state vet out, after necropsies. I'm still waiting on the tylan dosage....when I find out, I'll pass it on.

    Good luck.
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    For most birds we just make the tylan water. If you prefer to inject or give oral I can give you a dosage. Just email me offline please.
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    Jan 30, 2007
    MA fighting illness in chickens...layers in particular. What meds can and can't you use?

    Tylan 50....can you eat the eggs after a waiting period?
    343 Terramycin...same thing?


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    Most meds will have what they call a "withdrawal" period which allows time for the med to get out of the body...I believe the longest is around three weeks but it is usually 10-14 days for most.
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    Just a few withdrawal times for common poultry meds.
    Aprolium- o days
    Sulmet-10 days
    Bacitracin-0 days
    Aureomycin-1 day
    Gallimycin-2 days
    Gentamicin-63 days
    Tretracycline-4 days
    Terramycin 343- 5 days, this is for slaughter. package says not to give to birds producing eggs for human consumption
    Terramycin soluble-5 days, again this is for slaughter
    Tylan-50 not labled for chickens-withdrawal time not known
    Tylan soluble-1 day
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    Pine Grove, How in the world would you ever know this? Said in awe...
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    Pine Grove,

    I gave my chicks Terramycin days 1-3 . . . all of them! Does this mean we shouldn't eat their eggs? I thought I read the packaging very thoroughly.
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    That med just isnt FDA approved for use in chickens producing eggs, but you'll find the same warning on many meds, some of which are just fine in Europe. They just have not established its safety, but I bet many, many people are eating eggs from chickens administered those drugs with no ill effects. My general rule of thumb is wait two weeks after meds are withdrawn before eating eggs; I have never had any respiratory illness, but I have had several bumblefoot infections and have tried antibiotics, to no avail, so I just quit using them except topically.
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    ... so I never heard what the dosage is. Anyone know? Or shouldn't I worry now?

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