Myers Poultry Farm Colored Range Meat Birds


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Myers Poultry Farm is one of the hatcheries that is offering a wide variety of colored rangers in addition to the Cornish X.

"What these birds will do is forage, be active, and dust bathe but most important put on ample meat weight. Slower growing breeds have a darker yellow fat compared to the pale yellow fat of the fast growing. Also, breast bone, leg, and wings are longer in length. What these birds will not have is that double breast meat and fast growth rate." -From catalog

Meat Bird varieties:
White Cornish Giant - a cross, but not a hybrid; lg drumsticks and thighs, white feathering with yellow feet.
Red Cornish - red with black tipped tails, yellow feet; customers have reported liking these a lot for their meat flavor.
Black Meat Bird - mostly all black with black feet
Gray Meat Bird - grayish with barring with exceptional flavor
Kosher King - muscular and lg in size, very popular in ethnic markets for tasty meat qualities, yellow feet
Multi color/Striped Meat Bird - multicolored, beautiful lg breed sometimes having a stripe design, 40% whitish gray with mix of black, red, tan, and gray feathering

Prices for 25-50 range from $1.50 to $1.60 for straight runs.

966 Ragers Hill Road
South Fork, PA 15956
(814) 539-7026
[email protected]

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