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  1. Hi All--
    For about a decade I've been getting birds from both the local ag stores (for the "farm birds" as I think of them, Leghorns, BRs, etc.) and MyPetChicken. I use MPC b/c 1. They have some interesting birds I can't always find in the ag store and 2. They will ship as few as three birds.

    I've never had any problems w/ the birds; they come in the mail intact and have been healthy.

    Today I picked them up from the PO (19 birds) and more than half were dead. Most of the remaining ones are weak and dying.

    Of course I'm devastated, it was a stomach wrenching site to see, poor little things.

    So what I'm in search of is a hatchery that can supply me w/ the types of birds I used to get from MPC. MPC let's you mix and match as much as you like. One Egyptian Fauoumi, two Welsumer, five turkens, etc. The policy is great. This year the execution was a disaster.

    Suggestion are appreciated. Thanks!

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    Sadly that doesn't surprise me considering the temperatures we have had. I had excellent luck with MPC then my last order it got unseasonably cold and the package was lost in a hub for two days. Your best bet is to check and research the hatcheries that are closest to you so the babies don't have as far to travel.
    You can also check your state threads on BYC to see if anyone in your area has the breeds you want. What about 4-H? Often the members have a poultry project with interesting breeds. Some feed stores have wonderful choices. We have one near us were we can order all kinds of rare poultry including swans and geese, California Greys, and even Iowa Blues to name a few of the possibilities.
    If you know anyone with an incubator perhaps you could order a variety of eggs and have them shipped. But in that case you need to be prepared to have at least 50% cockerels.
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    Have you tried contacting MPC? I've only used them once before to add to my 'barnyard' flock and the experience was okay (despite the pricing). Chicks are volatile - it could've been any number of reasons for their state of delivery (including the postal workers). Reality is that this happens with almost every commercial hatchery - I had a similar experience with 'Ideal' last year..

    I would start with contacting MPC and see where it goes from there..
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  4. Thank you, both, I deeply appreciate your thoughtful answers.

    I sent them an email earlier this morning letting them know how upsetting it was.

    And I will look for something local as well.

    All good advice, THX!
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    I agree about buying local if you can. I've placed 2 orders with MPC and haven't had any deaths due to shipping but it is always a risk.

    My next chicks will come from Cackle (3 hour drive for me) if I can't find what I want locally. I went with MPC last time because I just HAD to have a lavender orpington :) Sorry to hear about your chicks, I can't imagine how devastating that would be. I'd think they would make it right with replacements or a refund. Their customer service has been great when I've called them.

    Good luck
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    Do you know who they shipped from? MPC is not a hatchery, just a third party website like efowl.
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    My last 2 orders from MPC came from Meyer. Not sure if they use multiple places.

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    I think most of the large hatcheries will let you mix and match. Meyer, Cackle, Ideal and McMurray come to mind right off.

    Agree the temp probably had a lot to do with it. I'd give MPC a chance to make things right.
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    So sorry to hear that!
  10. As always, this community has been great. I could never have started raising chicks wo/ BYC!

    They said they will refund the cost of the chicks but not the shipping (over $100 shipping!).

    I'm going to try to go local (as in California). Good advice.

    Thanks again, everyone!
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