Myspace anyone?

I have myspace, but I don't friend/message ppl who aren't into wholesome activities....if you do drugs or anything like that pls don't try to add me, sorry, it's not that I hate you, it's just that I prefer to stay away from old habits and bad behaviors....we're into the family scene and God...
Well I have amyspace page but I
forgot my url. So i'll have to look it up at home. Blocked at work, we can't have any fun here. You know work work work. That's why I am on BYC all day. Just working my little fingers to death.

Anyway if you type in Aimie and alabama on myspace you should get me not many people spell thier name the way I do.
I have sent all of you friend request except for cjeanean. you requested for your last name or email. so if you would like to add me mine is and will ask for last name and it is Godard
I have a myspace. I don't use it that often. It is if anyone wants to add me. I don't add just anyone so make a note that you are on BYC in your friend request:)

{added} Basically I add friends and then check myspace a few times a month. I don't do all that messaging stuff. But, I would love to have some chicken friends.
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