mystery bantam!

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    Jul 12, 2009
    Unfortunetly the other night our neighbors lost two out of three pullets to a coon. When they received chicks, they were given 6 extra bantams, and they gave most of the chicks to friends. They now have one of the bantams back, and her breed is puzzling.

    Her name is Bluegill, she is all black with a single comb, white (Blue tinted edges) earlobes, brown eyes, dark scales with white and black toes. She is quick but once I picked her up she was very calm and did not squirm at all. She is bigger than the oegb hens I have seen...

    MY immediate thought was white faced black spanish, but only the earlobes are white. [​IMG] My second thought was Black minocra(?) bt those are standards : I looked the breed up, she is like a mini version

    Either she just started laying eggs or she is super close, she has a big comb, maybe .5 in. high,it is bright red and her pubic bones are about a index finger and a half apart.

    I don't have any pictures... but all opinions are welcomed

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