Mystery Chick strikes again


In the Brooder
7 Years
Jul 16, 2012
Had no idea what breed we got when we got our chicks, just knew they were pullets. Well, we identified them the best we could, but now we're thinking we have another surprise...'she' wouldn't happen to be a 'he' would 'she'?

I would estimate the chick is maybe aroudn 4 weeks old? That is a lot of red comb and wattle so I would guess boy too!
Yup! Almost 4 weeks...hmmm we might have to find him a new home if it is in fact a roo
We got all 6 of ours out of the mixed pullet bin at TSC, so we were expecting 6 hens, just didn't know the breeds. Rambi (or I suppose Rambo now) was supposed to be a hen.
Looks like we need to find him a new home, can't have two roos. I'll put something up in the classifieds.

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