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Oct 21, 2008
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I have four new chicks that I got from our feed store. I think I know what they are, but would love some input. They are about a week old. Thanks!

Pink legs, pea comb, puffy cheek feathers.

Black legs, pink toes, single comb.

Dark legs, pea comb, puffy cheek feathers.

Pink legs, rose comb.

Brr, it's cold!
The blondie is the one I am least sure about. She doesn't seem to have a single comb- but I'm not sure. I am wondering, are there blonde EE's?

Here are a few more pictures of her.


There are definately blond EE's, but with her also having yellow legs (not greenish, right?) I'd lean towards something else, unless of course you got her in the EE bin at the store LOL. She seems too light to be a RIR or NH, but awfully fluffy. I can't think of anything that fits better than an Orpington--those wing feathers are really, really light. I mean, it could be a white rock but are they that fluffy? We need a rock expert
The light colored one is probably an EE. It is a beautiful color for them. Also the other one with puffy cheeks looks to be an EE
The black and white, could be an Aussie, but mine were less round looking at that stage of feathering.
The other one, I am not familiar with the marking of the chick.
In a couple of weeks you should take pics again and show them on here as there will be more evidence of breed characteristics.

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