Mystery feed store "assorted" bin


Mar 14, 2018
We picked up these chicks from the local feed store. The hatchery they use is Estes hatchery so I kind of search through their site to look at breeds.
I have two "slate blue" colored chicks that I believe are Ameraucana chicks because of their cheek poofs. The one with gold/red dusted feathers is so beautiful to me and it was the only one in the bin that looked like that so I had to grab it. Is that a specific color or just a genetic fluke?

The brown speckled one is a mystery breed/sex to me. I'm thinking Speckled Sussex but I have no real idea. My husband thinks it's a quail lol!

The two bantams see also mystery breeds/sexes. I'm guessing Silver Duckwing but was hoping someone could show me another possibility?


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My theory on a store having a MYSTERY BIN, is a way to move their undesirable/leftover chicks which may be heavy on males. JMO. It is difficult to sex chicks that are small. Yes, the experts do it at the hatcheries, and the best get it at 92% or so. Sex links are obviously 99% correct. I leave 1% as a margin of error as nothing is perfect in our world. Straight run is about 50/50 . Sharp chicken peeps are sometimes able to pick out the pullets. What you have left is what is stated in my THEORY. Myself and many untrained chicken buyers make these purchases hoping for the best. That is not to say that ending up with a bunch of roosters is the end of the world. I myself would have a problem with such. I cant keep roosters as per regulations. I don't raise chickens to be eaten. I do purchase processed chickens from the grocery store.
WISHING YOU BEST,,, your lil chicks are BEAUTIFUL,,,, AND :welcome
Be patient - wait till the chicks are fully feathered out and post new photos. I bet someone, a couple, or even more folks here will be able to sex & recognize breeds.
Thanks! I forgot to mention all of these (except the bantams) have slate or dark blue/green colored legs. After doing some research, I think they're mostly mixed breed Easter Eggers. Still a mystery on the bantams though.
the one is definetly not a speckled Sussex. You would be able to tell by now that the comb was a single comb.
other than that, it will be so much easier to see when they're about 8 weeks old and feathered. Too many chicks look the same.
Welcome to the group though!!!

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