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Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by Kadydid, Sep 9, 2014.

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    Someone gave me a setting hen (eggs and all). She is long legged, very black (iridescent green in the sun), and has black legs/feet. She also had a sort of bald spot or bulge on her chest (?). Is there something wrong with her or is that the characteristic of a particular breed? I have a hunch she is from fighting stock(a lot of that around here), but really have no clue about her breed. Does anyone have any info for me?
  2. Pictures would help......
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    x2, though your hen probably is an Old English Game or American Game. (these fierce birds make excellent mothers!)

    The bald spot on her chest is probably because she's broody. Hens will pull out their chest feathers to line their nest. It also increases the humidity for the eggs by having them right up against her skin.

    The bulge you mention is probably her crop, located at the base of her neck above her chest. This is kinda like a first stomach. Chickens don't have teeth, and so what they do instead is pick up bits of sand and gravel and store these in their crop. Then when they eat, the food stays in the crop for a bit, and gets ground up by the sand and gravel, before going on to the true stomach. If the bulge you're seeing is the crop, it will be fuller towards the end of the day, but totally empty first thing in the morning.
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    X2 on this advice.

    Your hen may also be a Modern Game.
  5. By your description, I'd guess either Modern Game or Sumatra for breed. I would need a photo to tell, though.
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