mystery Holderead duckling


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10 Years
Sep 10, 2009
Our order was 8 Appleyards, 4 Welsh Harlequins, 2 Australian Spotted bantams, 6 Hookbills. We lost two that we think were hookbills. These are pictures showing the 2 bantams and the mystery duckling. He is bigger than them, but has similar markings. We only count seven appleyards, but there was supposed to be 8 and this one looks nothing like the appleyards. What breed is he? Here he is on the right:

on the upper left...

on the left...

and in the center
I would almost say Rouen, or if it is a runner, either Mallard or Trout coloring, definitely not like the penciled ducklings I have had. Holderread does sell Trout Runner Ducklings, so maybe?

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