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my BR hen is exhibiting a new symptom that is slowly getting worse by the day.

THis is the link to the thread I started to give a background of what has been going on with her

The video is at the end of page 1 of the thread in a you tube link.

She now is doing the lift more often and it is more pronounced each time (really high right leg lift into the chest and tiptoeing on the left foot with raising of the body)

I am considering culling her and having a necropsy done but...
IF ANYONE has experienced this or has info and she can have a chance - please let me know.
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tonite, i went to go feed her egg/buttermilk/feed/drench mix and she wouldnt have any of it.

I noticed her left leg shaking when she stood and the right leg lift was occurring more often.

Much to her dissapproval, I put her in a carrier in the garage with drench water for the nite.

Her poo is not improving, still wattery but, I have not noticed any expelled worms this time. (I wormed them all sunday with the followup 10 day with valbazen - All the poos seem clear)

I will try and feed her in the am.
She is so emaciated, I do not want to put her through anymore and may just make it quick.

I checked the coop in the wee hours this AM for the nocturnal mites and ticks but no sign of anything.
I also gave the girls a once over (I try to do this a few times a year at least) everyone looks free of external parasites.
no injuries, all the others seem healthy weight and tone. No smells (other than the usual chicken smell) comming from anywhere on them.
just molting gracefully.
Zeebra has no swelling or stuck eggs - just bones sticking out everywhere - hardly any muscle - it is a wonder she is still walking around and able to jump to the roost (only about 18 inches).

I decided to put her down as she was not getting better -
Full necropsy reports will be on the link in the 1st post here. because...

Dr said the leg lift / high step / abnormal gait / leg tuck was most likely due to pressure on the sciatic nerve from swollen kidneys.

Hope that may help any one else with a similar issue.

END THREAD becasue case of the leg lift is closed.

the cause of the swollen kidneys is being investigated and will be posted on the other thread (link in first post).

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