Myth or Fact???


10 Years
Jun 11, 2009
Mesa, Az
Is it true if you add a duck or two to your flock it will protect it from some predators?

If so, I was thinking on maybe a call duck snowy???
Any Ideas on this breed???
Geese would be a better deterrant but they get killed by predators as well.
I wouldn't think a call duck would help at all.
I would imagine the roosters do the best job.
Guineas make alot of noise in the daytime, but at night they're pretty quiet even when being killed one by one. My son lost 2 dozen one night to predators and they never heard a sound.
My point, exactly. Birds are either prey or predator. The fact that we can catch ours sort of implies where THEY fall in the scheme of things.
A single Llama would protect a herd of sheep!
Maybe a swan would be an option for chickens.
A duck would help also when you dig a canal all around your coop and run instead of a pond.
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Yes, but then there's the moat monster you have to deal with
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