Names for a Serama Rooster


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Jun 2, 2011
Seattle, WA
I need names for my new serama rooster! He has a easygoing personality and is very friendly. He likes to just sleep in my lap! Way more calm than the hens. Haha I brought him and the hens in a box in the house once to show my friend and as soon as they saw my dog(I wasnt worried, he killed a chicken once, we were so upset he gets scared and runs from chickens now! dont know why though, I guess he's really sensitive to human feelings). Anyways, as soon as the hens saw the dog, they jumped out of the box and were flying all over the place squawking, while my rooster just sat in the box confused watching everything! Eventually he realized there was panic and started crowing, but still didnt do anything! Okay, enough of storytelling! Here's a pic:

His tail is messed up, he's going through a molt. I need some creative names! Maybe ones that mean 'small', since I named the hens names that mean small, which you wouldnt guess, but I like naming based on themes for chickens. The names are Rosetta and Brunella for two black hens, and Carina for a mottled hen.
Picayune is my suggestion since the hens think so little of him and abandoned him to the dog!
He's a cutie pie.
We have had two roosters, both with fabulous names. El Guapo was our gentle rooster. His name means handsome in Spanish. Shaka Zulu was our fierce aggressive rooster. He was a polish, named after the great African warrior of the Zulu tribe.
Hawk Eye
I have a cockerel named Chewy, but I might change his name. The ones above are some of my favorites for a rooster. Too bad I only have one roo to name!
Love Seramas by the way! WIsh I had one!
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