Names of orgs. interested in muscovy reg?

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10 Years
Nov 13, 2009
Boonsboro MD
To be extremely brief, I got the ear of somebody at FWS who is open to and able to affect the new regs about the Muscovies. I'm just a newbie with a few chickens and ducks who has taken a strong interest in this, so I don't know what organizatons are out there to contact, but I know they exist. All I know is the APA.

If this is organized, sensible and thought out, not knee-jerk emotional, there is a very good chance of getting these regulations tweaked to favorably include many of our interests. Any suggestions of real and respected organizations who might be willng to speak with FWS or write letters or provide information or statistics?

I'll also post this on the Laws & Ordinances

Not open for further replies.

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