Naming of Ducks


5 Years
Apr 17, 2014
Southern Colorado
Over the past ten years or so, I have raised nearly 50 ducks of many different breeds. I've never named any of them. I just saw no need. Until now, that is. At long last, one singular duck has been given a name. It is a female Cayuga, and her name is, "Buck Buck." The name of course, indicates her favorite words, when talking. Not only that, it makes me laugh every time I say it--or at least smile. For example, "Good morning, Buck Buck."
Now I don't particularly feel that I have a stick up my rear end; I simply never saw the reason for naming. But yes, Buck Buck has broken me down. Who knows? Maybe this will indicate a new era of naming the ducks, although I doubt it.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, my duck parent friends.
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P.S. My initial date for joining BYC was in 2011. However a computer crash wiped all of my info. I had to rejoin, and lost a few years in the process--and all of my prior membership criteria--like messages, likes, and trophy points. It seems a bit unfair--since it is really not the truth--but c'est la vie, I guess.
Mine get nicknames too. One of my pekins is really fat and kinda gets cleaveage. We call him boobie duck sometimes! His real name is Scooter.
Brendan my fawn and white runner often gets called "Brendo Nintendo" or "Brendo my friendo"
OK, folks, ask and ye shall receive. Here is Buck Buck in all her glory. I admit the shots are not the world's best, but maybe I can do better when she is outside, swimming. I can tell you that this is one of the calmest ducks I've ever raised! Just a real sweetie.


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