Narragansett Owners...


11 Years
Jul 18, 2008
Rockwell, NC
We've officially lost our minds and have decided to incubate some Narragansett eggs...this will be our first hatch too, so we are very clueless. And this is IF we can ever find some for a fair price!

I've had a few folks tell me they have a poor hatch this your experience as well? Ultimately, I want just one hen to keep, but I know I will have to hatch a few and pray one is a female. How many eggs would you try to incubate?

Anyone happen to have any hatching eggs coming? Also posted in WTB on BYC so hopefully I will get a few hits.

my narragansett are as good as any of my other 8 breeds of heritage turkeys!!!! some even think there are the best looking! what I look for is a hen that will lay a ton of eggs and have a nice size carcass for eating, my narragansett fit that bill just fine rasied over 300 of them!!! tom ps turkey eggs are hard to hatch all turkey eggs!!!!

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