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Just saw on news channel 5 that metro council has passed an ordinance that allows property owners to keep up to 6 chickens. How many you keep depends on the size of your property. Can only be for eggs. Cannot be bred or slaughtered. Hens only. Then the traffic guy said he didn't know how all that's gonna work without roosters. Lol. (Davidson county)
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I'm from middle TN, too - and it's funny how that's been such a big story the past few days. We live out in the country - so it doesn't affect us. I like the line about not knowing how it'll work without a rooster.
Yeah, I got a chuckle out of it too. Guess he will be sticking to doing the traffic and not raising chickens. I live in Rutherford county so doesn't apply to me either but was glad to see it pass in Nashville.
We're out in the booneys, so it doesn't affect us, either, but we have friends in Antioch that we take eggs to. Maybe this spring they can get some chicks like they've been wanting to!

Don't know how that will work without a rooster, though...
The ordinance hasn't passed yet, that vote was the 2nd reading on the ordinance. The final vote is January 17th. There are quite a few Council members who are dead set against it passing. If you know people in the city who support this ordinance please encourage them to contact their Councilperson.
Yes and the fact the weather guy made such an assinine comment shows how mis-informed some people in this city can be... UCAN (Urban Chicken Advocates of Nashville) has been trying hard to educate on chicken keeping but I think the resistance is mostly fear and not fact based.
On Tuesday, January 17, Nashville's Metro Council passed the ordinance to allow backyard hens for a $25 permit fee and several requirements for feed storage and coop size, location, and structure. The ordinance has a "sunset" provision which allows it to be retracted in 2 years if there are problems with urban chickens being raised. And a few districts were allowed to opt out due to fears of cock-fighting or property value decline (these are not the areas of the county where the more affluent residents live).

Let's hope that all of us who have chickens under the new ordinance will be responsible and considerate of our neighbors (and give them fresh eggs now and then).

The council has not yet established the permitting process, BTW.

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