Naughty Chicken!

Uppity Peon

10 Years
May 1, 2009
Willamette Valley, OR
Look what I happened to notice as I was walking by the woodpile!


Too funny!! That is the exact same place my EE thinks would make a wonderful home! Ughh! Every time I get her to stop laying there, she finds somewhere else to lay. Even locking her in the coop for a week didn't help. She insists that I play "find the eggs" every day!
What a coincidence!! Just yesterday I saw my girl runner duck come running out from behind a tree on my side yard(she has been disappearing recently). I looked behind the tree and I found,not one, but TWO nests!! One had 16 eggs in it and the other had 22!! I guess my chickens think its easter every day. I'm always finding new places to collect eggs. As soon as I find them, they find a different spot.

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