NC, "Black East Indies Fertile Eggs"Pure Blood, 6@ $35,S/H included


11 Years
Feb 17, 2008
Richlands,NC 28574
They are just as cute as they can be and are laying everyday.These are very precious Duck Eggs.I would appreciate it so much if you would buy from me,Thanks so much
Would you consider a trade for some purebred Silkie or SQ Bantam Cochin eggs? I could ship 12-15 or so. I also have Jersey Giants, Exhibition Buff Orpington (just a trio) and standard blue and black Cochins. If I had the $35, I would buy them in a heartbeat. Thanks, Jen
Please buy my eggs they are FERTILE and very cute.THey are small and short,U won`t regret it. I need to sale these eggs.I have 3 bators FULL and I need to sale these. No one wants to buy form me,,,WHYYYYYYY !!!!!
OOOhhh I would love these but I just used up my paypal on some cochin eggs. ;( I pm'd someone who was interested in BEI's so hopefully they'll get in touch with you.
Hey how are you Matt? I just give them away,.I took them to auction and I did not get anything hardly for them.But I have really got to sale these eggs.I got Big African Brown Goose eggs too.And they are so pretty.

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