NC State Fair!


9 Years
Apr 18, 2010
Hillsborough, NC USA
So, are any of you showing any birds at the NC state fair? Just want to know if we should look out for any BYC celebrity chickens (or other animals)! I love looking at the animal exhibits, we aren't really into rides in our family. I heard that this year they are selling hamburgers on krispy creme doughnuts (
) and deep fried pie
. They seem to find something new to batter and deep fry every year.
Not going, although we used to live in Raleigh and loved the fair. One thing about NC, that's different from VA is that people there are crazy about the fair! Here, not so much. I know - what's the deal with frying everything? I heard they might have deep fried butter this year! Insane!

Have fun at the fair!!!

p.s. let me know how many chickens they have, and who wins!
I plan on going, but not showing. Having my birds stay nearly 2 weeks at the fair is just a little too long for my tastes. I want to go on the 20th to see the Meat Goat Show, but I doubt that will happen since I'm the only person in my immediate family that is off that day. Plus, I want to see the fireworks, which is SO worth the $6-$8 to get in just to see those.
We're planning on going on Friday. Won't be showing anything but you can bet we'll spend a fair amount of time in the poultry barn!

I heard on the news today that the NC State Fair has more mechanical rides than any fair in North America! Found the video clip, see for yourselves...

an NC native and have lived near Raleigh all my life, so yeah, the fair (and all the yummy food) is a big deal to me!

ETA... I will not be partaking in the Krispy Kreme doughnut hamburgers!
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Hey neighbor, I'll be there with my white silkie rooster.

Standard birds go in on the 15th and stay until the 19th for pick up. But my silkie isn't in with them.

Bantam birds won't be brought in or judged until 10/20 so I won't be bringing him up until 8am that day. Then I pick him up on the 24th. So 4 days at the fair and he'll be fine I hope. He'll probably be mad at me.

I also entered a ton of jams in the canning contests, I also entered a salsa in the canning exhibits, I entered Biscotti in the baking competition, and I have a pork and apple pot pie in the NC Apple association contest. So I'll be around and up there quite a bit.

Here's alpha:
Good luck to you! And if anyone is interested, you can buy sheets of ride tickets at several places around the triangle MUCH cheaper than inside the fair itself! Yes, we ARE crazy about our fair here, it really is a wonderful time and has something for everyone.

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