Near Miss On Peacock Alley

PeaChick C

6 Years
Apr 2, 2013
Oskaloosa, Iowa
We live in a very remote area. A few cars may drive down our road each day unless there are semi trucks headed to a hog confinment down the way a mile or two. All of our animals are free range and we may lose one or two a year to traffic. But we feel that its worth it for the life they live.

Yesterday our big peacock was strolling across the road when a semi headed this way. The driver floored it, wrapping the motor up as high has he could trying to hit King Henry. Luckily, with a squock and a honk, Hank leaped out of the way into the ditch.

It is so upsetting that a guy would do this. The driver tried so hard to hit the bird that he had to lock up the brakes to stop for the stop sign at the end of the gravel road. Sending some bad vibes his way.
I am going with the 'little kids in the yard angle'. The good ol' boys down the road would just laugh at me for concern over a bird. I am going to express concert at the speed and recklessness of his driving.
I got my peas convinced that if they step foot on our blacktop road a mighty herding dog will magically appear and flush their buts home

Beautiful dog. We have an Aussie Shep/Blue Heeler cross who is good with out birds. But she steers clean of the peacocks. Peacock>dog on our farm's totem pole.
She is wonderful with all my birds but when they see her circle around behind them at a fast pace they know they better get back where they belong cause she gets down on the ground like a boader collie crepping up on sheep, scares the bejesus out of um.

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