Nearly drowned duckling - antibiotics?


12 Years
May 8, 2011
my pet stray's duckling (which is 6 days old) was nearly drowned today in my lake by a male muscovy. I saved her and she was limp and convulsing but after being held under the heat lamp for awhile she started coming back to life.

She seems fine now but I'm worried about pneumonia since she probably got water in her lungs. Should I add antibiotics to her water? If so, what kind?

Right now I'll add some unpasteurized ACV to her water - not sure how much that could help but couldn't hurt anything I figure.
Also, a few hours ago she was keeping one of her eyes closed, then the other eye had white goo in it, and now both eyes are kept closed. I picked her up and she kept them closed but then a huge bead of cloudy, kinda yellow liquid came out of one eye. She could squint it open a little at that point and I saw more white goo.

I'm wondering what could help her eyes? Could a saltwater solution? I'm guessing her eyes are damaged from the duck holding her underwater - possibly the outer membrane that keeps the eyes moist? Just guessing here, I have no idea.

I'm really hoping she'll be ok once her eyes heal up, that it's not extensive damage :( And that she doesn't get pneumonia.
Hello, I don't have experience treating eye problems but here are some tips I found on other threads:

"For a homemade eyewash solution, boil one cup of water with 1 teaspoon of salt. Make sure you let it cool before flushing the eye. If you continue to flush, make a fresh mixture daily. For a pecked eye, I recommend terramycin eye ointment after flushing." This is a quote from

It seems this could be caused from the drakes pecking at her eyes? At least that's what I've gleaned from this thread
Thanks, I'll try the saline solution and terramycin.

I've heard electrolytes and vitamins would be good to give her too. Is pedialyte ok (it's what I have on hand)? Or should I get duck electrolytes?
Personally, I wouldn't use pedialite (all that sugar, artificial flavors and coloring). I use Durvet Vitamins and Electrolytes. It is very strong, so I use 1/4 teaspoon to 3 gallons of water. If you give it to her in one of the smaller waterers, literally just a pinch of the Durvet would be enough.

I've seen many others on this site recommend using Sav-A-Chick or Nutridrench Poultry. You can probably do a quick search here on BYC and figure out what the dosages are (or they will also be on the containers, as these two brands are specifically made for poultry). Usually, you just have to go with what the feed store has.

Hope the baby's doing ok!
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Thanks! My dad is going to the tractor supply store in a little bit to get the terramycin and one of those electrolyte/vitamin supplements. I know that store has Sav-A-Chick, but will see if they have Durvet.
Good luck I hope she's ok
The duckling's eyes are great looking now! :D I've done the saline solution a couple of times (tractor supply didn't have terramycin) and the result was immediate. Then the foamy eye foamed back up but it didn't after I washed it again. She's now been really active and eating a lot this afternoon so I think the sav-a-chick supplement has boosted her also.

The foamy eye

The gooey eye

The gooey eye after being washed


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