Nearly Lost A Chicken!!!!!


8 Years
Aug 4, 2011
Our german shepard k9 dog ( 4 months old) got through our fence while the hens were playing in the garden
! I was on the other side of the coop when i heard a freak out! I ran over and saw our puppy pinning our hen to the fence
!!! I called her some....not so nice names and threw her out of the yard and dragged her to the house! I broke down in tears
when i told my dad his... beaping (not real swear words more like abriviations
) dog ate my chicken! Both ended up being all right but man if i hadnt caught that dog i would have had to dig TWO holes
........just saying!!!! Thank you for reading i just needed to tell someone.....


8 Years
Oct 1, 2011
I've found that patience and guarded exposure will give you a good Chicken-Hound...... A dogs natural instinct is to dominate and pursue prey, it is what it is....... Remember, ALL doggies are wolves at heart.

Dogs are pack animals, period! For us, the trick was to make our dog(s) realize that the chickens are part of "The Pack"....... Appeal to your dogs sense of responsibility for the well-being of "The Pack"........

Until he's trained, use a firm hand and a safe distance when dog-dog accompanies you to oversee your flock. Make an impression on your pup as to your expectations of his behavior when he's around your chickens.

I'm new to chickens but have had dogs for years.........

I hope this helps some.......

Our Chicken-Sheppard....


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