Nebraska small animal auctions- March/April

It's a lot of fun. Tons of birds of all breeds and kinds. Small animals, like goats, sheep, rabbits,maybe even llamas and other stuff!
Check out the websites. They will start to list items the sooner it gets to the day.
Hi there!
There is one at Palmyra! Thanks for reminding me.
It's April 11th. Palmyra is near Lincoln...
Lemme see if I can hunt down that website.
Lexington is probably about 3 1/2 hours from Lincoln? Maybe not quite that far...
Do you know about how much things go for, compared to buying from a breeder ect? For the West Point Auction.

I'm especially interested in goats and rabbits.

I've never been to an auction, so I'm sorry if that was a dumb question.
Well... auctions depend on who is there and how many people want the same thing you do

So, I went to an auction at the beginning of March and some standard Cochins I wanted sold for $35/ each. They were show quality. BUT last weekend, I bought a cockerel and pullet- both show quality for only $6/each. Why? fewer people.
I overpaid for the last goats I bought so I probably am not the best person to ask, lol. I paid $30 for a wether and $160 for a pygmy mama and her twin newborns-- only because they were so CUTE did they go so high...
Rabbits seem to go in the $20s +/-
does that help?
It's probably cheaper from a breeder, but more fun at an auction AND you get to see stuff you may never have before.

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