Neck Jolting (Need Help!)


Oct 29, 2019
North Texas
My Coop
My Coop
One of our birds hasn't been doing so hot. As of tonight, her neck has started to jolt either left or right, and im not sure whats happening. She has been isolating a bit for a few days and hasn't been eating or drinking as much either, but she's 3 years old so i figured that it might just be old age getting to her. But with this neck issue I'm not sure.

Her crop seems to be pretty squishy, and she regurgitated some liquid that didn't smell bad, so I don't think she has an impacted crop. My next guess is wry neck, and if that's the case what do i do? Any help is appreciated!
I checked her crop when I went to help her off the roost this morning (this is normal, she is spoiled and we lift her from her roost every day), and her crop felt full of squishy liquid. She has more energy today but is still peckish. She’ll show interest in food and water but won’t actually eat, especially when there are other birds around. Haven’t seen her do the neck jolting thing yet

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