neck problem???


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May 8, 2012
jersey shore, nj
I've noticed over this past week that one of my girls, a 7 month old GLW, (my favorite of course) has been acting sort of sluggish. She almost looks like she's starting to fall asleep standing up. Today i sat with them for a bit and i noticed pretty quick that she's not doing well.

she's standing away from the group. not moving around much, and keeps her head tucked in and back so it makes her look like she has an enormous bulge by her throat. It's not her crop and i don't think she has a blockage in it. the bulge is actually her neck. she has her head so tucked down that her actual neck bones snakes forward. i know it sounds crazy but it almost feels like her neck is too long for her body! when i palpate her neck she closes her eyes and falls asleep. worst part is that when i'm holding her i can hear her stomach growling. i tried to hand feed her a variety and she really wants to eat it but can't. the curve of her neck and posture is pretty bizarre.

if she's the same or worse tomorrow i'm bringing her to my hospital to euthanize her. i don't want her to suffer and starving to death is torture.

anyone ever see anything like this?


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Apr 3, 2011
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Wry neck is when the head twists at an awkward angle--to the side, looking downward, or looking up. This can be due to a vitamin deficiency, a head injury, or to a disease such as Mareks disease or others. Vitamins(especially the B's and E) are good for treatment. Isolation for quiet and less stimulation are important as well. Your description of her chest and the gurgling stomach sound a bit like sour crop. The crop would feel round and squishy, even in morning when it should be flat. Here is some info on both conditions:

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