Need a bit of help with a lonely duckling.


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7 Years
May 14, 2012
So I have 2 goslings, and 4 Pekins. They are almost two weeks old. I have a new day old (born yesterday).

Anyways, hes so freaking tiny compared to the ones at two weeks ha ha, my other babies just grew up so quick I didn't even realize.. what the difference would be until I saw him and then I saw THEM! Looked like giants lol.

I tried putting him in there just to 'see' what they would do, the 2 goslings didn't care, and 3 Pekins just went up to it pecked his fluff and then walked away, but one kinda pecked him pretty hard so I removed him immediately and made another pen for him.. but he peeps CONSTANTLY and I feel so bad I can't do anything for the lil bugger till he gets a bit bigger and tougher.

Is there anything I can do? I took some advice and put a stuffed animal in there hoping he will... cuddle up to that and feel not so lonely, so what do you guys think, keep the stuffed animal?

Is there anything else I can do to help him not be so lonely? I feeellll so bad, wish I could take him to bed with me and he can snuggle there, but unfortunately, he poops too much xD

You could also try a mirror. With the stuffed toy- if you use one you can have " kind of standing up" in the brooder- maybe something with long dangly legs if you have one- when the duckling moves around the legs will move giving it at least some animation. A toy in a corner is good to snuggle with but I always find a hanging toy works better.

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