need a little bit of help


7 Years
May 30, 2012
tamworth (Australia)
i have these call ducks 2 of them and my female hasnt been laying i was wondering how old call ducks usually are when they lay eggs?
thanks phoebe
My ducks arent laying right now either- Most have finished molting but still no eggs. Most likely you will start to see some eggs any time from 4 to 8 weeks from now is my guess. With the decrease in daylight hours right now- I am betting that once the days start to get longer at the end of June- that it wont be too long after that before you see some eggs. Different breeds can lay at different ages but most ducks will lay by the time they are 24 weeks old- or during the spring after they have hatched at times to- making it a long wait for some breeds.
thank-you very much that is such helpful information
so how much water in there pond a little plastic shell
do you think that will be big enough for 2 little ducks?
sorry that was not explained properly but i have a little blue pond shaped as a shell, and i was wondering if you thought it would be enough for my to call ducks:).obviously i havent got a picture here but by the info i have given do you think its enough???

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