Need a No GMO, No Soy, NO PEAS feed. Halp!

Anthony's (Amazon) has a bunch of non GMO and Organic seeds for cooking in good quantity. I buy 5# bags of fenugreek for planting (late in the season, keep this in mind for spring). One of the better plant Methionine sources. Not great, but better than most. Favors "Mediterranean" climates.
@U_Stormcrow (:hmm) I buy lots of Anthony's Organic products but I had no idea they sold seeds. much less sproutable ones!
Awesome find - Thanks :)
wheeeeee... of to amazon...!
Many wild bird seed mixes sprout pretty well; especially the small white millet. You also get some milo sprouts and an occasional sunflower.

For people on Hawaii Island and Puerto Rico, free range chickens will eat the annoying and invasive little coqui frogs. They would probably eat a lot more if they could stay up after sunset.

I've watched chickens catch and eat poisonous centipedes. I can't figure out how they keep from getting bitten.
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@U_Stormcrow Wow. The more I learn while chasing information down rabbit holes on scientific papers, the less and less I'm likely to keep handing out hundreds of $$/month for feed that is far from what it claims to be.

In the US, a farmer must possess an organic certification in order to grow and sell his product as organic. So much for the feed sellers who won't produce proof and claim "its organic because we say it is"

A Non-GMO verified ONLY signifies is that they didn’t use ingredients that were genetically modified.
BUT Everything else is fair game and it has likely been grown, manufactured or produced using pesticides, neonicotinoids, chemical herbicides, antibiotics, growth hormones, chemical fertilizers- all the synthetic and toxic chemicals used in conventional farming.
In fact, “Non-GMO” food can contain scary amounts of heavy metals and pesticides or being grown in biosludge/biosolids (human waste and liquified human remains)

A USDA certified "Organic" label only means that food is >94% organic, with ingredients free of well-known contaminants and hormones. (Lesser know are fine to throw in there though? wtf)
More and more foods labeled organic are being found to contain hidden additives that aren’t organic at all.

I didn't realize how many things are added to "Organic" feed that are far from organic and aren't even required to be listed in the ingredients (BecUz PerCeNTaGes or pROceSSinG). Irradiated, formaldehyded, or ETO treated grains, anti microbials, anti caking agents, random GMO oils, ethoxyquin, hydrated sodium aluminosilicate, Mold inhibitors..
Even small percentages of bad things add up over time: Cumulative Effect.

So when my chickens (who are mostly free range on a completely organic property) and the local wild birds and critters are all telling me that these feeds from the last 2.5 months are absolutely Not OK - I'm believing them. Appparently they know more than we're being told.

p.s peas really are nasty and sCieNCe agrees with my hens. No more than 10% field peas are ok in a laying hens diet
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@U_Stormcrow Check these out! I found some nifty old timey publications on feeding layers from 1939 and 1945.
Interesting reads, even if outdated.
Sorry IDK how to edit, so I'm adding the TLDR version of the two PDf's linked above.

Advice from 1939 Regarding too much Powder/Dust in chicken feed:

"Feed mixtures that are too finely ground that would form a sticky mass in the mouth and be swallowed with difficulty should NOT be used."

"... in NO CASE should the particles be of a flour like fineness."


and from 1945 regarding proper protein sources:

"Protein from animal sources is more effective in promoting growth and egg production than protein from most vegetable sources.
Grains alone are entirely inadequate in amount and kind
of protein."

Organic, NonGMO, NO peas, NO soy, and NO corn.
H and H Feeds in Texas
Super nice people, quick response time, very patient with my many questions and very helpful.
When I got the feed, I wanted to cry. Its half pellets. The one question I forgot to ask them before purchasing. But it LOOKED and SMELLED amazing. Plus, It tasted fine to me :)
I chucked some in their feeder - and they love it!
They ate the H and H feeds pellets. Which blew my mind becasue they had chosen to go hungry rather than eat the MileFour pellets.

Its been 4 days now and they've all gone back to laying regularly with normal sized, well formed eggs.
You eat what your livestock eats!

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