Need a pick me up recipe


12 Years
Oct 3, 2007
I'm working upwards of 80 hours a week, the b/p is up, the motivation is down, and i'm suffering from depression and on meds for it. I've lost 32lbs since the beginning of August because I'm so stressed I can't keep food down, or by the time I make it, i'm just not hungry anymore. This part drives my kids nuts since I hardly cook anymore!
So who has a good energy boost, vitamin boost that is hopefully either quick or make ahead? I'll try about anything once...twice if I like it!
Wow! why are you working so much?

Do you like fruit, yogurt and ice cream? You can blend a bunch of different things up for a smoothie, they are easy, filling and good for you. You've dropped way too much weight in a short amount of time..I hope you are taking vitamins at least or drinking some Ensure.

How old are your kids?
How about a fruit smoothie? Frozen strawberries, a glob of OJ concentrate, anothe big glob of pain yogurt, a half a big banana, some ice cubes, whip it up in the blender. If it won't blend, add some water or reconstituted orange juice. You can even put a squeeze of lime in there. It will make a lot and you can freeze the rest to have later if no one beats you to it.
Those sound yummy. I used to drink alot of smoothies, my daughter loves to make them. My kids are 12 and 13, so their getting pretty self sufficient. I know it's alot of weight (not that i realllllllllly needed it), but the dr. says it stress related and other than that and the high blood pressure I'm doing quite well.
I work 8 hour shifts as an overnight cashier at Meijer, and then days at a highschool as parapro. No real reason i'm working so much, getting close to a divorce so i'm trying to squirrel away money and the bills just keep building up. Hence the stress and high bp

I used to buy bananas in a 40# box, my kids would chop them up and freeze them, then we'd put some in a blender, add milk, oj or other juice, maybe strawberries, raspberries or peaches and some yogurt, maybe some honey, then blend. Haven't done that most of the summer for some reason. Hmmmm, sounds quite good. Thanks!
I heard somewhere that the best pick me up you can eat is an apple. I told that to my sons friend I used to pick up on the way to school occasionally. He had to have his coffee, one morning he didnt have time so after I told him this he went in and got an apple. He said it really did work better with no caffeine or sugar crash.
Sounds good, last night I went and got a bushel of apples and pears! Since I work tonight I can talk the girls out of a box of bananas and I'm in business. Apple banana smoothies, peaches.....mmmmm

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