Need additional help with crop/wheezing issue in older hen

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    Jun 26, 2010
    We have had a terrible time this year. First a flock with a respiratory issue, but all healed wonderfully with no loss. Second worm issue with only one death. Eye problem in one hen that was resolved with pus pocket being pushed out and hen is doing great now. New issue is a single older hen, approximately 4 -5 yrs old RIR, who was wheezing yesterday morning. Got her to eat yogurt but she will not drink or eat on her own. No poop either. Crop was checked and it feels like a bean bag. It was cracked corn they ate as a treat. Now the corn is not moving. She is not "full" and the crop is not hard just beanie. Tried to use a mixture of water/mineral oil and flush the crop out via tubing. Some corn came out, no foul smell, but the corn has since settled back into the crop as if nothing had been done. We gave her more mineral oil and electrolites. She was becoming very weak during this. She is still wheezing terribly, no poop still, and is in full molt. The full water mixture did not come back out so not sure where it went since she is not pooping or puking. Any ideas besides surgery? We have no chicken vet here and I really hate the thought of cutting her open. Currently she is in the "sick room" with a heater going to keep her warm and comfy.

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    I had that same problem with one of my older hens first i gave her vegetable oil and then massaged her crop, she was still wheezing after that so i left her over night in our basement and she was fine 2 days later.[​IMG]

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